October 2011

Taitaiako is the new cultural competencies document for all mainstream teachers in New Zealand schools - also attached is an explanatory document from the Teachers Registration Council website.
A fantastic new resource!


February 2009

Kia ora koutou,
Here is the updated Field Maori STAR material. It is a total update - all unit standards have been checked and removed or added as appropriate. All the U/S in the Maori Unit Standards 2009 resource, can potentially be done under STAR, if the provider has the accreditation (see updated accreditation 1 page summary for schools).This represents a great shopping list for Te Waharoa National Certificate.But the great thing is that the Maori Performing Arts now has a website for assessment support material:

This is a huge benefit for STAR Coordinators and teachers who use this subfield, as the planning is all done for them to start them off.
See a sample one ( Haka level 2: 6 credits) attached.

external image msword.png 1_page_Field_MAORI_2009.doc
external image msword.png Maori_Unit_Standards_2009.doc
external image msword.png Sample_Haka_13371.doc

Useful Links:

Link to ministry website for information about the Maori Education Strategy 'Ka Hikitia'.

Link to a site that has great info on Te kotahitanga project

external image msword.png CPaBL Maori Pedagogies.doc

Here is the PPT from Mark Dashper called 'It does get in'.
external image vnd.ms-powerpoint.png CPaBL_Maori_focus.ppt
external image msword.png Maori key competencies.doc
external image msword.png At risk checklist.doc

The ERO report about Māori Student Achievement released in June 2010

To explore where you as a team are, in your thinking about raising Maori student achievement, we have included the document below. This is the work of Mary Jamieson from Waikato University.
external image msword.png Thinking about Maori achievement.doc

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