The latest research from Karen Vaughan and Paul O'Neil at NZCER has been published - it explores the value and nature of networking in effective careers education. A great read!

This document has a great list of current articles and research reports.

Vaughan, K., Roberts, J., & Gardiner, B. (2006). The first report from the Pathways and Prospects project. NZCER

Student perspectives on leaving school, pathways and careers (Karen Vaughan, 2008, NZCER)

Vaughan, K., and Gardiner, B., 2007

Creating Pathways and Building Lives (CPaBL) is a Ministry of Education project aimed at building a sustainable, integrated school-wide approach to career education in 100 secondary schools selected by the Ministry.
The Ministry of Education intended CPaBL to:
  • improve the quality of careers information, advice, and guidance;
  • improve student motivation, engagement, retention and achievement;
  • assist students in making a smooth transition from school to further training and employment;
  • be more responsive to diverse student needs, specifically those of Māori, Pacific, refugee and migrant students, and at risk students; and
  • encourage the involvement of families and whānau in decisions about their children’s career paths.

This document summarises the findings of the “Creating Successful School Leavers” project commissioned by GIAB, and its intended audience is Secondary Futures and other parties interested in education and business and improving the wealth and wellbeing of New Zealanders. The aim of the project is to provide a business perspective into “Secondary Futures” by answering three key questions:
a) What kind of young person will do well in the business world of the future?
b) Where do they learn the characteristics that make them successful?
c) How can secondary schools help to develop these young people?